SA STEEL WORKS are expert in

  • structural steel fabrication,
  • stainless steel fabrication,
  • Metal machining and installation,
  • Boiler making,
  • Pipe fabrication (including Mild Steel Cement Lined MSCL pipe fittings and installation),
  • Welding,
  • Shop fit-outs,
  • Custom fencing and gate construction,
  • Stairways, platforms, walkways, stair treads

We attend on site in Adelaide and suburbs to prepare jobs or we can base quotes on engineer’s drawings or software plans.

After fabrication we undertake on-site installation of the structural steel, stairs or built parts.

Structural Steel Fabrication

On offer are a comprehensive range of steel fabrication services. We undertake refurbishment and maintenance, shut downs, structural steel fabrication, plate work, stainless steel and aluminium fabrication. Our structural steel work is suitable for all types of small to medium buildings and industrial and commercial buildings.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

 We undertake stainless steel welding, work hardening and machining of stainless steel for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

We will advise on suitable stainless steels for your particular application.

We are experienced working with stainless steel to make benches, cabinets and shelving, perforated products, handrails, automotive and marine fittings and full commercial kitchen fitouts.

Boiler Making

We  have an experienced team of qualified boilermakers. Our boilermakers will complete work involving mechanical, structural and wear components including hauling and earth moving equipment.

We will undertake welding repairs on trucks and trailers.

Pipe Fabrication

 We are skilled at pipe fabrication and pipe installation for oil and gas industrial sites, for mechanical services, the food and beverage industry and for industrial, process and commercial sites.

Our manufacturing processes include the fabrication of boilers, heat exchangers and hydraulic and pneumatic systems, also gas, water and compressed air service lines.


 We offer a full range of welding services for workshop and site work.

Our welders have suitable certification and weld to at least the Australian Standard. We will fabricate pipe spooling. Pre and Post weld heat treatment is also offered.

MSCL Pipe Fabrication

SA Steelworks will fabricate MSCL Pipe, pipe fittings and will undertake or direct on site installation. We will manufacture non-standard Mild Steel Concrete Lined (MSCL) pipes and fittings on demand for your specialist requirements.

On site installation and planning is available. The internal surface of the pipe is lined with centrifugally spun concrete for a dense and smooth surface.  We will fabricate MSCL pipes and fittings from xxx mm to xxx mm nominal diameter in standard pipe lengths in lengths by request).


We custom fabricate stainless steel shop fit-outs and other commercial fit-outs requiring custom designs and fittings.

We will custom fabricate stainless steel paneling and cladding, shelving, bench tops, commercial kitchen bench tops and other food prep areas, various architectural designs from railing and balustrades to columns, stairways etc.

We can also design construct and instal displays, sinks, accessories including metal sleeves, tube end caps, tube fixings, brackets, hanging rails, racks and stands etc as required.


Whilst there is a lot of pre-made residential fencing available we go a step further and will fabricate fencing, gates, sliding gates, security fencing and custom shapes and parts which are not available to the general market.

Fence contractors and fence installers looking for a custom solution for a “too hard” fencing problem will save time and money with our design and fabrication solutions.

Residential & Commercial

 We will look after steel and metal projects for your home or provide specialist steel fabrication for your house builder, fencing contractor etc. We also invite you to consider our experience in designing and building stairways.

Warehouses and storage facilities will use our ability to build custom racks, product storage containers and storage solutions and any other storage or architectural fittings required. We can also design and install specialised machinery fittings, safety barriers, security shields and protective barriers.


SA Steelworks design, construct and provide on site installation of various access equipment and fixtures e.g. stairways, platforms, walkways, stair treads and ladders.

We pay essential attention to safety, operability and maintainability. Compliance with SA and national standards is also assured.

Machining Services and Installation

Onsite Fitting and Installation

Machines, boilers, pipes, stairs and architectural components all require optimal alignment and correct mounting.

Our onsite service ensures your custom product is installed correctly and satisfies the technical standard and legal requirement necessary.